Couple Travels 5,300 Miles To Witness and Celebrate LA Kings’ 2014 Stanley Cup Championship

2014 STANLEY CUP CHAMPIONSHIP WRAP-UP: Part 5 of Frozen Royalty’s wrap-up of the Los Angeles Kings winning the 2014 Stanley Cup Championship and the ensuing celebration.

LA Kings fans Ida Holth (left) and husband Per-Christian Holth (right) during the Los Angeles
Kings’ 2014 Stanley Cup Championship parade in
Downtown Los Angeles on June 16, 2014.
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Photo: David Sheehan/
LOS ANGELES — The Los Angeles Kings’ journey to the 2014 Stanley Cup Championship was a long, grueling trek that took 82 regular season contests, 26 playoff games and thousands upon thousands of miles traveled by air, especially during the regular season.

Although their journey was not as long, either in the time it took or the total distance traveled, Per-Christian and Ida Holth are among those who traveled the greatest distance (they may be the ones who came from the most distant location) to see the Kings win the 2014 Stanley Cup Championship on June 13 at Staples Center in Los Angeles, and then celebrate the victory at the parade in Downtown Los Angeles on June 16.

The Holth’s traveled from Oslo, Norway, approximately 5,300 miles (eleven hours in the air on a direct flight), to be a part of history.

“We arrived on Thursday, and we had tickets for Game 5, so we arrived just in time,” said Per-Christian, 32. “We’re only staying for one week. We were so lucky.”

“I’ve been a Kings fan for as long as I can remember,” added Per-Christian. “I started when [Wayne] Gretzky was playing for the Kings.”

“For me, it’s been seven years—when I met him,” said Ida, 26.

The couple missed out on coming to Los Angeles during the Kings’ 2012 Stanley Cup run.

“We tried, but we couldn’t get tickets,” said Ida. “They were too expensive, so we set up a savings account and started saving, and we used it [for this trip].”

“When they won over the Blackhawks, we thought, ‘OK, we have to buy tickets and look up hotels,’” explained Ida. “But then, his passport expired in April. I was so mad! I thought, ‘oh my God!’ But his new passport arrived on Wednesday and we got plane tickets for Thursday, so it was perfect.”

“We were so lucky, all the way,” said Per-Christian. “I also thought, ‘they must lose Game 4!’ It was the first time ever I wanted the Kings to lose. We were incredibly lucky.”

Many fans would chastise other fans for hoping their team would lose just so that they could see them win it in the next game. Indeed, hockey fans are generally superstitious and would rarely tempt fate like that. But under the circumstances, Per-Christian probably deserves a little slack.

In any case, the couple isn’t likely to press their luck again.

“We’re never buying a lottery ticket ever again,” Ida said, with a big smile.

As Ida noted, she became a Kings fan after meeting Per-Christian. She quickly learned how dedicated he was to the Kings, and it did not take long for her to become hooked on them as well. But that eventually led to some potential trouble for the couple, especially Per-Christian.

“I asked him if this was bigger than our wedding day,” said Ida.

Uh oh. Cue the red lights, sirens and the sounds of cars screeching to a sudden stop.

“He hesitated, but it’s OK.”

Per-Christian and Ida. The Los Angeles Kings and the Holth’s. Evidence suggests both are matches made in Heaven.

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