Frozen Royalty’s Gann Matsuda Wraps-Up LA Kings Sweep of St. Louis Blues On From The Arena by Inside Sports

Immediately following post-game interviews after the Los Angeles Kings’ 3-1 victory in Game 4 of their Western Conference Semifinal series against the St. Louis Blues on Sunday, May 6, giving the Kings a four-game sweep in the series, yours truly appeared on Inside Sports’ From The Arena post-game show hosted by Charles E. Smith, Jr.... Continue Reading →

Frozen Royalty’s Gann Matsuda Appears On Inside Sports’ From The Arena

Following the Los Angeles Kings’ second consecutive 1-0 shutout loss, this time, to the Calgary Flames on February 18 at Staples Center, I appeared, along with’s Jimmy Bramlett and The Fourth’s Dennis Bernstein, on Inside Sports’ From The Arena, recorded live following the game, talking about the Kings, their current woes, and what... Continue Reading →

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