Giving A Face To Those Caught In The Middle of The NHL Lockout

LA Kings fans packed Ice Station Valencia in Santa Clarita,
California on the evening of October 27, 2012, as the Kings brought
their Game Night experience to a Valencia Flyers (WSHL) game.
Pictured (from left, foreground, facing camera): Jeremiah Brown,
Kelly Brown, Venicia Pereda, Anthony Stavretis.
(click above to view larger image)
Photo: David Sheehan/

SANTA CLARITA, CA — The familiar sounds of the organ at Staples Center, played by none other than Dieter Ruehle, filled the arena, while host Jay Flats, members of the LA Kings Ice Crew, and mascot Bailey got the crowd excited for the hockey game to be played shortly thereafter.

Indeed, so many of the usual sights and sounds that Los Angeles Kings fans are accustomed to were seen and heard on the evening of October 27, 2012.

Despite that, Staples Center was dark that night, with no sign of any hockey being played there, or any other significant activity, for that matter.

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