When The LA Kings Win, Trevor Lewis Usually Has Something To Do With It

EL SEGUNDO, CA — Don’t look now, but not only has Los Angeles Kings forward Trevor Lewis scored a career-high 13 goals in 52 games this season, but...get this...he’s on pace to score 21 goals this season. But before you get too excited about that possibility, the reality is that as injured forward Jeff Carter... Continue Reading →

LA Kings’ Offensive Problems Are Defensive, Too

EL SEGUNDO, CA — Much has been said this season about the Los Angeles Kings and their acute lack of anything closely resembling a collective scoring punch. To illustrate, the Kings are scoring an average of 2.45 goals per game (ranked 23rd in the National Hockey League), more than one goal per game less than... Continue Reading →

LA Kings Are Starting To Look Unstoppable

EL SEGUNDO, CA — After they melted the ice with a 10-4-0 record in December, the Los Angeles Kings cooled off significantly in January and February, earning a 13-10-2 record over those two months—6-5-1 in January and 7-5-1 in February. Although the Kings weren’t playing badly, their play during those two months was considerably less... Continue Reading →

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