Charity Hockey Game Expected To Raise More Than $10,000 For National Bone Marrow Matching Program

LOS ANGELES — National Hockey League teams sponsor a slew of activities and events each year, including charity hockey games, to help raise funds for worthy causes. But how often do you see an informal group of fans—not a team, business or a non-profit organization—band together on their own to do that, independent of anyone... Continue Reading →

LA Kings Want 4th or 5th Place In West, But Don’t Control Their Own Destiny

EL SEGUNDO, CA — Despite clinching a playoff berth on April 6, the Los Angeles Kings had much to play for going into a home-and-home series to end their 2010-11 regular season. The equation was simple: win both games and clinch fourth place in the Western Conference, which would earn them home ice advantage in... Continue Reading →

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