LA Kings’ Darryl Sutter Issues More Challenges To Defense, Goaltenders

EL SEGUNDO, CA — While many have pointed to a lack of goal scoring as an area of major concern for the Los Angeles Kings, head coach Darryl Sutter knows better. In fact, Sutter isn’t even talking about his team’s offensive attack. Instead, he is primarily focused on defense and goaltending, given the fact that... Continue Reading →


Mental Preparation, Focus Are Keys For LA Kings Heading Into Grammy Road Trip

LOS ANGELES — Although the Los Angeles Kings began their annual Grammy Awards road trip on February 2 (Staples Center is being prepared for Sunday’s Grammy Awards), a 7-4 loss at Anaheim, they did not actually leave Southern California until Monday morning headed, for their first stop in Columbus, Ohio, where they will skate against... Continue Reading →

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