LA Kings Are “Not Looking For Speed For Speed’s Sake” When They Scout and Draft Players

LOS ANGELES — In April 2006, when Dean Lombardi took over as general manager of the Los Angeles Kings, he insisted that they invest significant resources in scouting and development, which had never been done before in the history of the franchise. That move paid off, big time, as the Kings were finally able to... Continue Reading →


Jaret Anderson-Dolan Brings Speed, Quickness, Skill and Character to LA Kings System

EL SEGUNDO, CA — In the second round of the 2017 National Hockey League Draft on June 25, the Los Angeles Kings got a skilled, speedy center in Jaret Anderson-Dolan, but they also got a prospect with a strength of character that usually isn’t apparent in someone who is just 17 years old. “He borders... Continue Reading →

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