NHL Finally Catching Up On Missed Marketing Opportunity

As the National Hockey League and their teams have gotten more and more Internet savvy in recent years they have improved both the look and feel of the league and individual team web sites as well as the information they provide.

In fact, the NHL’s web site and each of the team web sites are loaded with content these days, whether it’s written news stories, videotaped interviews and features, podcasts and much, much more.

Team web sites have even been offering downloadable regular season schedules. But there was one problem…the schedules were either in Microsoft Excel format, which is not very useful for a schedule, and in a printable PDF file (requires Adobe Reader, available for Windows and Macintosh).

NHL teams also offer a downloadable version that imports the schedule information directly into Outlook, Lotus Notes or a Palm handheld device. The cool thing about this version of the schedule is that it can be updated automatically when there are changes to the schedule.

On the downside, the software needed to make use of this schedule was only available on Windows, leaving Apple Macintosh and Linux users out in the cold. Not only that, who wants to download and install yet another software application just for downloading and updating your favorite NHL team’s schedule?

Fortunately, things appears to be changing for the better. Read more of this post


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LOS ANGELES — If you are a Facebook junkie, or if you are constantly Twitter-ing away the hours each day, Frozen Royalty has just the thing for you.

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