LA Kings Dustin Brown Says Pretty Goals Are Great, But Dirty, Greasy Goals Are More Important

LA Kings captain Dustin Brown: “When this team’s playing really well on the offensive side of the puck, it’s not the really pretty goals that are making it.”
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Photo: David Sheehan/

LOS ANGELES AND EL SEGUNDO, CA — For those who live in the greater Los Angeles metropolitan area, traffic is a way of life. We spend countless hours sitting in traffic on one freeway or another, a jammed street due to road construction, a movie shoot, even roads or highways closed due to police activity, or some special event, like the Academy Awards, or the Tournament of Roses Parade.

But when it comes to hockey, traffic is a two-way street, so to speak, with one direction leading to the proverbial Pot O’ Gold, while the other direction leads to the booby prize behind door number two on the classic television game show, Let’s Make A Deal.

For the Los Angeles Kings, who will fly to Chicago later today, they leave town on a critical five-game road trip knowing that they have earned themselves that booby prize in their last two games, getting shut out by both the Dallas Stars on March 21, and the Vancouver Canucks on March 23.

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Speed, Consistency and Trust Comes From LA Kings’ Balance Throughout Lineup

Newly-acquired forward Jeff Carter’s presence has
had a positive, cascading effect throughout the
Los Angeles Kings’ lineup.
Photo: David Sheehan

LOS ANGELES AND EL SEGUNDO, CA — For a rather fleeting couple of days, the Los Angeles Kings got to enjoy the view from above, looking down from first place in the Pacific Division, and third place in the Western Conference, at several teams below them in the standings, all vying for the handful of playoff spots still up for grabs.

But after a 4-2 defeat at the hands of the defending Stanley Cup Champion Boston Bruins on March 24 at Staples Center in Los Angeles, the Kings’ six-game winning streak came to a grinding halt. Even worse, they fell from third in the West all the way down to eighth.

For the Kings, the good news is that they are just one point behind both the Dallas Stars and the Phoenix Coyotes for the division lead. But the bad news is that they are tied in points with ninth-place San Jose, and tenth place Colorado. Read more of this post