LA Kings Have Lots To Fix In Short Amount of Time Before Game 3 vs. San Jose

EL SEGUNDO, CA — That the Los Angeles Kings are off to a dreadful start to the 2016 Stanley Cup Playoffs is not just surprising, but you could say that it is also understating the situation. Sure, one could argue that they overcame greater odds in 2014 when they came all the way back from... Continue Reading →

Anaheim Ducks Could Be Just What The Doctor Ordered For LA Kings

EL SEGUNDO, CA — If the first thing you’re thinking of with the Anaheim Ducks and Los Angeles Kings facing off at Staples Center tonight (7:30 PM PDT) is whatever rivalry that might exist between the two teams, well, you’d better think again. Indeed, the two teams have 99 points in the Pacific Division standings.... Continue Reading →

LA Kings Are Starting To Look Unstoppable

EL SEGUNDO, CA — After they melted the ice with a 10-4-0 record in December, the Los Angeles Kings cooled off significantly in January and February, earning a 13-10-2 record over those two months—6-5-1 in January and 7-5-1 in February. Although the Kings weren’t playing badly, their play during those two months was considerably less... Continue Reading →

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