Former LA Kings Star RW Dave Taylor’s Biggest Challenge Had Little to do with Hockey

LOS ANGELES — The vast majority of people count on their ability to speak for granted. It’s a natural ability that develops as we grow up, from infancy through childhood, and into becoming an adult. It’s rarely given a second thought, and probably not even a first one. But for those with a speech impediment,... Continue Reading →

Perhaps The Toughest Player Ever To Wear The LA Kings Jersey, Former Kings LW Dan Maloney, Dead At 68

LOS ANGELES — Dan Maloney, an 11-year National Hockey League veteran who was a fan favorite in his two-plus seasons with the Los Angeles Kings, died on November 19 at the age of 68. At press time, the cause of Maloney’s death has not been released. But as reported by Lance Hornby of the Toronto... Continue Reading →

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