LA Kings Drew Doughty Was Just A Bit Nervous During NHL Skills Competition

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LOS ANGELES — For Los Angeles Kings superstar defenseman Drew Doughty, the 2017 National Hockey League Skills Competition did not go the way he wanted, even though his results weren’t all bad.

Doughty participated in the Hardest Shot competition. Although he was not a favorite in the event with Montreal Canadiens defenseman Shea Weber a shoo-in to win (and he did, with a 102.8 miles per hour slap shot), Doughty recorded a 94.6 miles per hour shot, giving him the edge in his heat against Colorado Avalanche forward Nate MacKinnon, whose hardest shot was 92.3 MPH.

“I knew I didn’t have a hard slap shot,” said Doughty. “I knew all along that it wasn’t very hard, but it’s pretty accurate. That’s why I score on them sometimes.”

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