LA Kings Come Up Just Short At Colorado on NHL Video

Right wing Alexander Frolov deflected a point shot by defenseman Drew Doughty at 18:39 of the third period to left the Los Angeles Kings into a 3-3 tie with the Colorado Avalanche at the end of regulation play, but Avs right wing Chris Stewart scored the shootout game-winner, leading Colorado to a 4-3 win over the Kings at Pepsi Center in Denver on March 24.

The Avs jumped out to a 3-1 lead after one period, getting a big assist from the Kings, who took ten minutes worth of penalties and allowed two power play goals.

Matt Hendricks, Milan Hejduk and Paul Stastny scored in the first period for Colorado, with Hejduk’s and Stastny’s goals coming on the power play. Stastny’s goal at the 18:08 mark chased Kings goalie Jonathan Quick, who was replaced by Erik Ersberg.

Anze Kopitar got the Kings on the board at the 10:00 mark of the first period. With his 33rd goal of the season, he set a new National Hockey League career high in goals.

The Kings made their run early in the third period when Doughty scored on a wrist shot from above the top of the slot just forty seconds into the third period with the Kings on the power play.

Frolov’s late goal tied the game, forcing overtime and the shootout.

The Kings (42-24-6, 90 points) remain in fifth place in the Western Conference. They lead sixth place Colorado and seventh place Nashville by one point and eighth place Detroit by two points.

The Calgary Flames (83 points) are in ninth place.

The Kings have at least one game in hand on every team in the conference except for Chicago, which has also played 72 games.

Game Highlights From NHL Video On YouTube


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3 thoughts on “LA Kings Come Up Just Short At Colorado on NHL Video

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  1. the kings are under 500 since acquiring the absolutely useless modin and halpren …….. the kings would rather have these two old slow guys instead of the hustle and goal scoring ability of moller and parse ….. absolutely ridiculous ……… murray dumb for playing both of them …. lombardi dumber for aquiring them ….. completely ruining the team chemistry which made the team a good team that hustled on every shift and outplayed their opponents every night , win or lose ……. i mean modin is the most useless player i have ever seen in a kings uniform …. i mean hes no better than ivannis ……. old , slow and does nothing …. waits for his linemates to get the puck while he just waits for them to pass to him …. what a joke …….. i mean gann, its no coincidense that handzus’ offense has completely disapeared ever since modin joined the team and was put on his line ….. i mean whens the last time handzus even had a shot on goal or made a decent play in the offense zone …. and hes one of my favorite players as u know ……….. i mean modin just totally kills him and the team …….. gone is the up and coming, hard charging, kings team – replaced by a kings team circa 2003 – 2008 …….. i mean i am totally disgusted …. so much so, that i am pissed calgary lost tonight, because at this point i am begining to root against the kings so they will choke and have the biggest collapse in history …… so that lombardi and murray will be fired …. although liewieke probably wouldnt do anything anyway since the organization is so clueless …….. i mean really? … the old worthlessness of modin and halpren over the hustle and offensive zone time created by parse and moller – thus tiring out your opponents ……. i mean weve only won two games in regulation since aquiring these clowns – the isles and jackets at home – two bad teams ……. and yes one player (modin) can ruin a whole team ….. just ask handzus ……. at least with ivannis he only ruined the fourth line and played only 5 minutes a night …. but this clown modin is playing in our top 9 every night and playing as much as anybody else …… completely ridiculous …. what is murray doing ……. the clippers are back with a vengence …… hardly shocking …….. after the olympic break, we picked up right where we left off and blew out dallas …. then these horrible trades were made taking energy out of the lineup and replacing it with old and slow garbage ……………… and yes, you can even see it in the body language of the players – they do not like these two old useless players coming in and taking the place of moller and parse ……. not to mention moving richardson back to the 4th line for several games to accomodate modin …… what???????? …… finally murray moved richie back up after like 4 games ……. but this is just a ridiculous joke ….. thanks for nothing kings …… again …….. unless changes are made we will back into the playoffs – probably 8th ……. and be lucky just to win one game in the first round …… talk about ruining a good thing …… we had a great thing here – won 9 in a row – something the team had never done, and then four games later u make trades simply to make trades ….. how dumb …. like lombardi said ….”it was fun” ………. i mean its a game for him ……. i mean making trades when we were 11-1-1 in our last 13 games and 13-2-1 in our last 16 …… i mean trading for guys like kovulchuk or penner, thats fine if u can give up nothing to get them BECAUSE THEY ARE STILL IN THEIR PRIME AND YOUNG AND CAN ADD TO THE ENERGY OF THE TEAM …. but noooooooooooooo lombardi wants to get old and slow because you know what , we dont have any old slow guys so let me get a couple of those to round out our team ……….. i mean what jerks …… and yes its murrays fault as well for continuing to play them …. poor handzus , now he has absoultely no help and cant do anything offensively with that clown on his line – its like he playing with only one linemate instead of his usual two …… like i said, hardly shocking for the clippers ……. good riddance

  2. not to mention taking minutes away from one of our best players – frolov – who has been benched lately for some reason, while modin continues to get regular minutes …………………….. what??????????????????????? …………… need further evidense the clippers are back? ….. how about that chicago game …….. was that the kings or a high school team playing the hawks that night ……. and yes, just one player (modin) can ruin a whole team ……. yes gann, yes …… when u are basically playing short handed every time modin is out there that is a chemistry wrecker …. big time ……………… and by the way, i said these trades were horrible the second we made them – before i even saw them play for us and i said it even while modin scored his 3 goals ………. im like big deal – so he has 3 goals – but thats all hes done …. unlike handzus he does nothing else ……. so since modin has been here – all the games – he has had about 6 chances to score and scored on 3 of them, and other than those 6 chances, has done absolutely nothing ….. HE JUST STANDS THERE AND WATCHES WHILE EVERYBODY ELSE DOES ALL THE WORK BECAUSE HE IS TOO OLD AND SLOW …. …….. … .. ….. at least halpren dosent hurt u as much and will dig in for loose pucks and try his best to help, but modin is a completely lost cause thats killing this team

  3. it trickles down throughout the whole team …. yes one player makes the players look at each other and say whats going on here – the team loses confidense – they are now a nervous team spending alot more time in their own zone …..s o the team loses confidense and that trickles down all the way to the goaltender quick – who has looked absoulutely terrible since these trades were made …… now the entire team lacks confidense and its trickling down to even the goalie because all of a sudden quick is letting in a couple bad goals – okay bad enough – but now even on routine shots he is givng up easy rebounds like the nashville game winner , hes starting to flop around the crease alot more , AND MOST DISCOURAGING OF ALL IS EVEN ON ROUTINE SHOTS WHEN HE MAKES THE EASY SAVE – HES LOOKING BEHIND HIM AND PANICKING – GIVING THE ENTIRE TEAM AN UNEASY FEELING – YOU KNOW EVEN ON EASY SHOTS THE PUCK IS SEEMINGLY SQUIRTING THROUGH HIS PADS ALL THE TIME ……… and whats this have to do with modin …… im telling u, its trickle down ….. the team is pissed off we brought these guys in …. it effects their play on the ice ….. they arent as good of a team …. the players know it ….. subsequently, everybody loses confidense in the team and each other and in themselves ………. even the goaltender

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