Frozen Royalty Audio and NHL Video: Oilers Help LA Kings Continue Slide Into Olympic Break

LOS ANGELES — After a 4-2 loss at Anaheim at February 8 and a 3-2 shootout loss to the lowly Edmonton Oilers on February 11 at Staples Center, the Los Angeles Kings look like they are sleepwalking their way into the Olympic Break.

Like they did at Anaheim, the Kings came out very flat against the Oilers, playing uninspired hockey until about midway through the third period when they finally flipped the switch.

With the Oilers leading 2-0, the Kings got traffic in front of Edmonton goaltender Jeff Deslauriers and scored twice, with Dustin Brown and Ryan Smyth tying the game.

Those scoring plays were not significant just because the Kings scored goals. Rather, they were key plays for the Kings because they finally got heavy traffic in front of the Edmonton net and were the only plays where the Kings did that in the entire contest.

Indeed, from the Kings’ perspective, the rest of the game was littered with loose puck battles lost, standing around and watching on the perimeter and a general aversion to going to the front of the net.

The result was the Oilers easily controlling the game for the first fifty minutes of the game and in spurts during the final ten minutes of regulation.

The game went into overtime and into a ten-round shootout that ended when Edmonton (and former Kings) defenseman Lubomir Visnovsky scored the game-winner.

Erik Ersberg got the start in goal for the Kings, giving flu-ridden Jonathan Quick the night off.


  • The ten-round shootout is a Kings record (previous high was eight on December 10, 2009 vs. Phoenix).
  • The Kings are 8-4 in shootouts.
  • The Kings are 11-2-1 in their last fourteen games (points in ten of their last eleven: 9-1-1).
  • The Kings are 4-0-1 in their last five at home.
  • Anze Kopitar has points in ten of the last eleven games (eight goals, nine assists for seventeen points).
  • Smyth has points in six straight (three goals, three assists, for six points).
  • Brown has fourteen points in the last seventeen games (six goals, eight assists for fourteen points)
  • Drew Doughty has twenty points in the last 22 games (three goals, seventeen assists for twenty points).
  • 24 of the last 34 games have been decided by one goal (16-7-1).
  • Fourteen of the last sixteen home games have been decided by one goal (8-4-2).

Audio Interviews (raw, unedited)

Erik Ersberg (1:51)

Anze Kopitar (2:29)

Terry Murray (6:07)

Game Highlights From NHL Video On YouTube


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4 thoughts on “Frozen Royalty Audio and NHL Video: Oilers Help LA Kings Continue Slide Into Olympic Break

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  1. okay gann u dont like it when i say this team dosent want to win they hope to win …… then the only alternative is terry murray is a complete idiot who has rocks for brains …… so i will go with that ……… continuing to use that pathetic piece of crap brown third in the shootout over michal handzus is proof positve …… aside from him blowning two more empty nets last night, when is the last time brown did anything resembling good hands …. the only thing i can think of was the nice move he made on miller in a shootout a couple weeks ago ….. that was the only time brown has ever done anything that looked competent ….. hes a hacker like stoll …. these guys are hackers with no hands …. look how effortless handzus stickhandles ……. and terry murray always says i have nothing to do with the shootout – wrong idiot – you pick the shooters you moron , or at least have the final stamp of approval obviously – its your responsibility and your a joke of a coach …… if murray has handzus shooting third like hes supposed to then we win that game and edmonton doesnt even get to a third shooter …… lol did u really think that piece of crap brown was going to score and win it for us …… did anybody ? i mean browns shootout percentage must be around 10 or 15 percent and handzus is around 50 or 60 or something ….. and its more than numbers …. numbers can be misleading (although not in this case ) , i mean all you have to do is watch and compare the two players ……. i dont care what the stats are …. i mean sombody could come on here and correct me and say , chris , actually brown is 25 percent or 30 for his career while zues is 45 percent …. but what im saying is idiot murray, just watch the two players, isnt it obvious which one has skill and is calm and cool and can stick handle effortlessly and make the goalie look silly and which one cant …..your an idiot terry murray – you cost us a point last night and the only reason you havent cost us more is because quick has bailed you out in shootouts because he is the best shootout goalie in the league …… and by the way, i knew we were gonna lose the shootout before it even started because ersberg was in there and because murray keeps picking brown to shoot third … i was like our only hope is if it gets to a fourth shooter, then handzus can win it for us …. but lol ninth …. murray you are completely stupid ….. anytime quick dosent play and is backing up, i would still pull ersberg for the shootout and tell quick to get in there, because he is the best shootout goalie in the league ….. even if quick is on his deathbed , and since he was backing up, we all know he wasnt that sick and could have done it …… because he would have had to play the whole game had ersberg got hurt in the first period ….. either the team dosent want to win or murray is stupid ….. take your pick gann …… yes that move at the end with quick would be unconventional – but do u want to win or do u want to be conventional … see my point …. and u saying its ridiculos of me to say kings dont want to win then fine ill go with my other premise – that murray is completely stupid …… either way its a very bad thing for this organization ……. letting ersberg finish the game in the shootout i can live with …. but the whole brown shooting third thing every single shootout is absolutely terrible coaching …. it cost us last night, and it would have cost us many more points earlier in the season had quick not bailed murray out ………… clune looked decent – only time will tell if hes a player – not one game …. so we shall see …………………. is now realy the time to be experimenting with stoll and richardson flip flopping positions ….. for richardson it might be a lil easier since he did play center earlier in the year – but stoll hasnt played wing ever i dont believe in his entire career …… im not saying necessarily its a bad idea IF U DO IT AT THE START OF TRAINING CAMP, but you cannot think on the ice because then its all over – it has to be natural and instinctive on where to go etc…. so you know stoll and richie had to think plenty of times because habits are hard to break …. like oh yea i gotta be out at the point now covering the point guy if im stoll …… i mean sure that thought only takes half a second probably , but in the nhl a half a second can be the difference between a goal and no goal …… i just dont agree with doing this at this time – start of training camp – okay try it – but not now ….. also you piece of garbage murray …… harrold is our best 6th dman …. he has spunk , hustle, fiestyness , competitiveness and a will to win at any cost – hes not a good forward but hes a very good defenseman – certainly better than jones and drewiske …… i mean drewiske has looked terrible ….. not as bad as jones of course, but really bad …… he refused to get the puck on a race to it in which he had the big lead in the anaheim game – bam drewiske lets the duck guy get it and pass it out front – bam goal 2-1 duck lead …. i mean drewiske just gave up his lead and let the anaheim guy play the puck cuz he didnt want to get hit …. i mean i couldnt believe it ….. and oiler game he just looked the same – bad passes that were turnovers , running around aimlessly with no purpose in his zone and when the puck comes to him he looks like a scared lil girl and just wants to get rid of it – even jim fox made note of this and said exatly the same thing i just said …. but of course in a more professsional manner … foxy cant come out and say drewiske looks terrible bob , and i understand that …… but i as a fan can make that statement …. drewiske looks terrible and harrold should be our man ………. more terrible coaching ……. also get that clown stoll off the point with his stupid one timers …. how many times do i have to say it, unless your name is ilya kovulchuk or alex ovechkin you are not going to score on one timers from 50 feet away against any nhl goalie …….. i mean whens the last time it worked u idiots – about 3 months ago against vokoun in florida ….. i goal in which vokoun was left shaking his head and banging the crossbar because he knew he easily should have had that shot ……. and the difference is jared stoll is trying to score on these ridiculous shots …….. you can tell by how much effort hes putting into the shot – his whole body etc… ….. if he was just looking to get it on net and go for screens and rebounds then fine – but thats not what hes doing …… hes trying to score on the ridiculous far out shot from the blueline , if he was trying to setup screens or rebounds – then he would time his shot so screens and traffic and rebounds can develop – but hes not doing that – hes just firing away with reckless abandoned …… and if ersberg would have made a save in the shootout and won us last nights game i would still be sitting right here writing all this – im not writing it just because we lost – im writing it because it needs to be said regardless …. this coaching staff is terrible …… absolutely disgusting

  2. and granted penner is playing with absolutely no one and that oiler team looked like it couldnt even beat an ahl team – but that being said, penner didnt impress me at all last night … he was basically invisible , like the entire oiler team ……. but for someone of his size, he shouldnt be invisible …. so therefore im now agreeing with you gann, trading bernier for him is not something i want to do anymore ….. im not wrong much, but i definately have been and i think this may be one of those times ……. i mean hey …… i use to follow the rams …….and i was all for the rams going with marc bulger over kurt warner in that qb controversey …… i couldnt have been more wrong about anything in my entire life ……. warner is great , hall of famer, can score in the red zone etc…. …. and marc bulger may be the worst nfl qb i have ever seen …. hes a girl …… and he couldnt score in the redzone where the field shrinks if his life depended on it …. boy was i wrong on that one …….. i was a dumb, dumb person …. so yea, even i make mistakes ….. …… im not saying losing bernier would necessarily hurt us because i believe in quick wholeheartedly but i now believe your right …. dustin penner is not as good as i thought he was and if we are going to trade bernier i think we should hold out and get more than penner if we can ……. granted trading one of our goalies appears wont happen for a year or two …. but your right gann, penner is not that good …… lets keep in mind he has no help right now, but yes i agree with you now gann …. he just isnt that good …. hes very slow … not a good hustler ……. so yes i agree with you now gann …………….. lol lol lol lubomir visnovsky …. lol best move dl ever made …… i was cheering when dl got rid of cammi and lubo … because i had been calling for it for like a year so when he did it i was like ….. oh yea maybe lombardi isnt stupid after all (cloutier and all his other garbage pickups aside ) ……. i mean especially visnovski …. i mean cammi can get away with being a small finese guy because he is a forward so he can still have some value to a team as we are seeing ….. but to have a small finese guy as a defensemen …. thats disasterous ….. so i was so happy when dl dithed lubo ……. and lol last night i was watching and lubo is so so so bad gann …. i mean he is terrible …………. how did he he ever swing a 5 million dollar contract – because he can socre ona couple slap shots on the pwer play? ….. i mean what a joke ……. god is he bad ……………. i mean dont u have to be able to play defense if your a defensemen ……. my god is he soft and bad bad bad ……. i mean i already knew this but to actually see him play again last night ….. man is he bad gann …. almost as bad as randy jones if that is even possible …. jesus

  3. oh and last thing … the ray whitney stuff wont die …. yes a third line of richardson simmonds and whitney would be better than an inexperienced clune im sure but i would not give the old man an extension – definately not more than one year ……. i guess i could live with a one year extension like dean appears willing to do …. i can live with that and one more year of whitney on the team …. but thats it …. under no circumstances do u give whitney a two year extension …….. this way wed have basically the same team next year because frolov is going to walk for sure its obvious dean dosent want him and is only hanging on to him right now because of the justin williams injury ….. next season frolov will be gone and williams will step right in and take frolovs place and we will have basically the exact same team, just substitute williams for frolov – two pretty much identical players anyway … so right now we are basically just using or renting frolov until williams can come back and take his spot next season ….. bye bye fro …. but ps…. since we are still using you , can u please score me some huge goals for us down the stretch and in the playoffs – thank you kind sir …………….. (if we make the playoffs that is ) ….. with this coaching staff , i wouldnt bet my house on it thats for sure ….. it looks good , but with this coaching staff, any choke is possible ……….. ……………………. and regarding team still being the same with one more year of whitney and williams taking fros place – yes same team and thats fine ……. this way if we add a big name like a marleau or a kovulchuk over the summer than thats just an unexpected bonus

  4. oh okay, it looks like parse may be missing just this one game cuz they want to get a look at clune on a decent line instead of the fourth …. so unfortunately parse has to miss a game to accomplish this and so they sent him down since hes always in murrays doghouse to work on his game ……. it appears he will just miss this avs game so the team can get a good look at clune …. because eventhough parse was sent down, murray said he wants to reunite the parse richardson simmonds line …… so we shall see …… who knows, if we do trade for whitney, parse may never come back …….. like i said we shall see ….. okay have a nice day gann

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