Frozen Royalty Audio And NHL Video: Anze Kopitar Leads LA Kings To 7th Straight Win

LOS ANGELES — Anze Kopitar and Ryan Smyth scored goals while Jonathan Quick stopped twenty shots to lead the Los Angeles Kings to a 2-1 victory over the New York Rangers in front of an announced sell-out crowd of 18,118 fans at Staples Center on February 2.

After a scoreless first period, Kopitar opened the scoring on a two-on-one shorthanded break at 16:43 of the second period.

Smyth scored his 17th goal of the season at 11:14 of the third period, taking a nice pass from winger Dustin Brown after a turnover by the Rangers in the neutral zone.

Quick has now won seven consecutive games, and has earned a 1.95 goals-against average and a .931 save percentage in that span.

The Kings have won their last seven games and are 9-1 in their last ten games after losing three straight games to the Detroit Red Wings on January 7, the St. Louis Blues on January 9 and the San Jose Sharks on January 11.


  • The Kings have won seven straight games. The Kings’ franchise record is eight (1991-92 and 1972-73).
  • The last time the Kings won seven in a row was February 18 to March 2, 1991.
  • The Kings are 9-1-0 in their last ten games.
  • The Kings (34-19-3) have 71 points. They are tied with the 1980-81 club for the second-best record after 56 games.
  • The Kings have reached the 34-win total quicker than any other previous Kings team.
  • The Kings are 27-4-3 when scoring first and 21-0-0 when leading after two periods.
  • The Kings are 19-8-3 in one-goal games.
  • Kopitar scored his 24th goal of the season, extending his point streak to seven games (five goals, six assists for eleven points). His career-high for a point streak is eight games (November 28 – December 12, 2007).
  • Quick’s seven-game winning streak ties a Kings goaltender record (Kelly Hrudey won seven in a row in 1991-92 and Rob Stauber won seven in a row in 1992-93). Quick is also 12-3-0 in his last fifteen games.
  • Quick has 54 career wins, tied with Gary Edwards for seventh on the all-time Kings list. His 32 wins this season are three away from tying Mario Lessard’s single-season record set in 1980-81.
  • Sean O’Donnell earned his 200th career National Hockey League point with his assist on Smyth’s goal.

Audio Interviews (raw, unedited)

Anze Kopitar (3:08)

Ryan Smyth (1:48)

Terry Murray (9:33)

Game Highlights From NHL Video On YouTube


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11 thoughts on “Frozen Royalty Audio And NHL Video: Anze Kopitar Leads LA Kings To 7th Straight Win

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  1. gann …. talk to me please here ….. i need an explanation ……………. why is randy jones playing ahead of harrold and drewiske …. randy jones will single handedly eliminate us from the playoffs …. what am i missing ………… can u please explain ….. he is absolutely terrible …… like i have said before, do the kings actually want to win or justify a contract they signed …… please explain to me why he is playing ….. please ……… also tsn is reporting that a deal for ray whitney for a second rounder possibly and teubert or voinov …. are u kidding, so we would rather have 37 year old whitney than teubert and a second rounder …. then why the hell did we trade cammi for teubert ….. cammi is the same size as whitney but is 10 years younger and scores more goals … i just dont get why lombardi would do this …. thankfully whitney wants a three year extension and dean is only prepared to give a one year extension … so they say the deal is off for now ….. thank god ….. gann can u explain this …. im at a loss for words … i know whitney has won a cup , but hes 37 ….. isnt that way way way too much to give up ….. i know lombardi loves his old shark pals and draft picks, but that is ridiculous isnt it gann …. please talk back …. im losing it right now ….. i need a solid explantion for this

  2. Losing it? Just like thousands of other Kings fans over the 42 years? Nothing new! :-)

    Jones…yes, his play started off pretty good but has tailed off in a big way. He didn’t hurt the Kings last night, but the Rangers didn’t exactly show up until the third period. I suspect Drewiske will return to the lineup against the Ducks, but we’ll see.

    I doubt Whitney will be coming to the Kings.

  3. i dont know the whitney info seems pretty strong that kings could be the team …. but for that price i hope not …. also i believe murray has said he sticking with this lineup for tomorrow but i could be wrong on that, but since he loves jones so much i wouldnt doubt it …… i mean didnt harrold play all the games during the winning streak except the last 2 , so murrays logic makes no sense …. harrold was great and was winning with him in the lineup…… i just dont get it, and yes, the rangers and kings both didnt show up last night …. kings were lucky , like against jersey …. i mean jokinen gave kopitar that goal by skating in the opposite direction lol lol ……. i mean smyth and kopis chances were basically the only 2 good chances we had all game and we scored on both …… avery hit the post twice, once early in the game during a delayed penalty with an open net , and in the last 5 minutes as well ….. of course as usual quick stood on his head for us at the end …. we were very fortunate …. gaborik was the best player on the ice … no shock …… i mean there was one play he made late in the game during the ranger barrage where he looked exactly like ziggy – was on the half wall, lulled a defender toward him then moved latterally acroos the slot to get off a good shot that quick made a great save on …… its such a good move that kings fans didnt even realize how great a chance this was to score …. gaborik , like ziggy, scores tons of goals like this …. the only reaction the play drew was from the many ranger fans in the crowd who drowned becaused they realized this was a great chance that gaborik scores on alot (since they have watched him all season and know how he plays and the moves he makes ) …. to me that was a very unnoticed great chance, it was either to make it 2-1 or 2-2 , i cant remember – but it was very late ……. anyways, quicks two saves in the last 11 seconds saved our bacon, especially the deflection on callahan with 11 seconds left …. and yes like u gann, i liked jones in the beginning, but we have now seen his true colors …. the guy is terrible, yes, he wasnt responsible for any 2 on 1s last night, but i still watched him intently and saw a couple plays where he kept backing in and backing in – afraid to close because he is not a good skater and not sure of himself – anyways, he just kept backing in and backing all the way down to quick practically instead of closing like harrold would …… if we were playing a team that had any kind of offense, they would have exposed jones last night , fortunately for us, the rangers are terrible

  4. droned …. lol not drowned …. or im not sure how to spell it …. they gasped … lets put it that way so u get what i mean

  5. everyone seems to think the kovi to the kings deal is in no way possible now because the kings are only willing to give up prospects …… i disagree, lombardi knows he can make a three team deal where we give our prospects to the oilers for example and they give penner and cogliano to the thrashers and we get kovulchuk ……. that way atlanta gets their roster players they want …. im just saying its not over ….. …… edmonton just an example but it could be any team …. see my point people …. lol or gann …. since we seem to be the only ones talking … im not saying it would be solely for the two roster players …. we would have to thrown in a prospect to atlanta as well because atlanta wants players and propects …. we can debate whether thats a good idea or not at another time or if a deal is made because then we can break it down …………………… im just saying its not over

  6. still jones will be in there tonight ……. kings dont want to win ….. they hope to win ……… big difference

  7. okay then hows this ….. i kknow more than the kings coach and gm ….. i would have signed gabby immediately the first second after free agency opened on july 1st , and i would not be playing randy jones at all ….. that right there is proff i know more than both of them …. and u cant argue …… sorry gann

  8. if it wasnt for gaborik, the second or third best player in the nhl, the rangers would be right there battling it out with the oilers for the worst record in the nhl , because there is nobody at all to help gaborik on that rangers team whatsoever …. hes all by himself …. if he was on a line with kopitar we would be competing with san jose for best record overall and would have a legitamate shot at the cup this season …. but dean played it way too safe and would rather have a team that might win or might not win on any given night ….. the parody parade

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