Frozen Royalty Audio And NHL Video: LA Kings Steal One From Boston

LOS ANGELES — Jarret Stoll, Dustin Brown and Anze Kopitar scored goals and Kopitar was credited with the shootout game-winner, leading the Los Angeles Kings to a 4-3 victory over the Boston Bruins in front of a sell-out crowd of 18,118 fans during a matinee affair at Staples Center on January 16.

The Kings got off to a good start with Stoll opening the scoring at 11:42 of the first period, beating Bruins goaltender Tim Thomas on a jam play at right crease.

Miroslav Satan tied the game on a chance off the rush, beating Kings goaltender Jonathan Quick with a wrist shot from the top of the right circle at the 18:20 mark.

From that point, things went downhill for the Kings, who went flatter than a blown out tire, or the proverbial pancake…take your pick.

Blake Wheeler and Michael Ryder scored goals just eleven seconds apart, Wheeler at 10:53 of the second period, followed by Ryder at 11:04.

Both goals were the result of blown defensive coverages by the Kings.

Things did not look much better for the Kings, even though they began the third period with fifty seconds left on a two-man advantage…they failed miserably.

They even got another 39 seconds with a two-man advantage right after that first one ended, but once again, the Kings did not even come close to scoring.

Indeed, the Kings were playing, flat, uninspired hockey. They were losing all the battles and foot races for loose pucks, but forwards Alexander Frolov and Michal Handzus dug out a loose puck and Frolov threw a centering pass that Brown pounced on in front of the net. Thomas had no chance on his one-time wrist shot at 10:32.

Wingers Wayne Simmonds and Brad Richardson won another loose puck battle and Simmonds got the puck to Kopitar, who was driving to the front of the net. His wrist shot from the slot beat Thomas at 12:54 to tie the game, 3-3.

Neither team could score in overtime. Kopitar and Brown scored in the shootout. Bruins forward David Krejci lost the puck on his shootout attempt, while Satan tried to beat Quick between his pads with a wrist shot, but was denied.


  • The Kings are 6-3 in shootouts this season. Their six shootout wins ties a single-season record (also six shootout wins in 2005-06).
  • Quick’s six shootout wins is tied for the most in the NHL. He has stopped 24 of 33 attempts in shootouts this season (.727 save percentage).
  • The last time the Kings trailed by two goals in a game and won was November 16, 2009 at Florida (down 2-0, won 4-3 in a shootout).
  • This was the fourth time the Kings won this season when trailing after two periods.
  • Frolov earned his 200th assist in the NHL/with the Kings.
  • Richardson, who contributed two assists in the game, has ten points in the last thirteen games (two goals, eight assists) and has a +8 plus/minus rating in that span.
  • Kopitar has points in four straight (two goals two assists for four points) and has seven points in the last seven games (three goals, four assists)
  • Brown’s goal was his third in the last four games.
  • The Kings are 51-24-8 all-time when Kopitar scores a goal (12-3-0 this season).
  • The Kings’ 57 points is tied for the fourth most in club history after 48 games.

Audio Interviews (raw, unedited)

Anze Kopitar (4:23)

Brad Richardson (0:45)

Dustin Brown (4:34)

Terry Murray (6:58)

Game Highlights From NHL Video On YouTube


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9 thoughts on “Frozen Royalty Audio And NHL Video: LA Kings Steal One From Boston

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  1. commitment to winning or just lip service ….. heres my 3 examples of why i believe its lip service …….. number one ………… if the kings really cared about every possible point being so valuable in this playoff chase, then how in the world do u explain choosing dustin brown over michal handzus in the shootout ……….. terrible coaching ….. number two ………. having forward jared stoll continue to man the point on the power play with his stupid one time slappers from 45 feet away …. talk about predictablility – any goaltender worth his own salt can stop those shots in his sleep – just sickening …. again terrible coaching ………………………. number three …. ivannis still being on this team ……….. terrible gm …. lombardi, admit your mistake in signing him to a two year deal and move on – we wont hold it against you if u just admit your mistake …. you are doing the same thing u did with cloutier …. just admit you made a mistake and move on …. dont penalize us fans and continue to compound the mistake by continuing to play the bad player just to cover your ass …. just go to lieweike and say “look, i signed a bad contract here, hopefully tim u realize nobodies perfect and everybody makes mistakes” and im sure lieweike wont hold it against you and will aprreciate your honesty …… i know we, the fans, would aprreciate it ………….. dean, since you like baseball analogies – like when u were talking about jeter and the yankees – ive got one for you ………………. a few years ago, the angels, one of the classiest organizations in baseball, signed a megabucks deal with someone named gary matthews jr. …. signed him to a 5 year deal to play centerfield ….. well, after only one year the angels admitted to everybody they made a mistake and promptly signed torii hunter to replace him …. yes, that means your going to pay a stiff like matthews to not play and warm the bench the next 4 years or 3 when u buy him out ………… but guess what, thats life, admit your mistake and move on …. of course the angels make the playoffs every year and are one of the smartest and classiest organizations in baseball ….. the kings , on the other hand …… well lets just say they are the exact opposite

  2. and when i say class im not talking about tip a king functions and crap like that …… im talking about not insulting a true fans intelligence and trotting out ivannis and cloutier every night, eventhough its obvious they are terrible

  3. Trouble with that is that if they did that with someone, unless they traded him (but that’s not part of your scenario above), that player would still be under contract and would still have to be accounted for under the salary cap.

    So…care to try again? :-)

  4. gann …. do u think im dumb…… i know your not saying that, but i know that …. yes , under contract , effects our cap, of course i know that ……. but u just healthy scratch them every night like we did with preissing and countless others or send them to the minors if their contract allows it …. come on gann, give me some credit at least ……………………… but seriously ……… brown in for handzus in the shootout ….. youve got to be kidding ………. kings dont want to win …. lol we won the game and i dont think i have ever been this furious

  5. gann …. yes i realize that …. did u not read where i said healthy scratch them every night …. come on man … just like were doing with purcell and hundreds of other players over the years

  6. yes pay them to just sit in the press box for the remainder of their contract or until u buy them out … the alternative is hurting your teams play on the ice and trotting them out there …. and thats what lombardi did with cloutier and hes doing it again with ivannis …. thats what im saying in regards to it shows their really isnt a commitment to winning ……. if their really was a commitment to winning, ivannis would be in the press box every night ………………… and if their really was a commitment to winning murray would be using his best shootout shooters with the best hands in the shootout – handzus ……. and not the worst – brown , who has the worst hands of any of the kings top 9 forwards and never does anything in shootouts, penalty shots or even 2 on 0s (except for his lucky fluke yesterday in the shootout) …………………and jared stoll (who i like as a player), a hacker with no puckhandling skills to man the point on the power play …. no your point guys should be great stick handlers who can shoulder fake and stick handle smoothly to set things up or get things through to the net …. your point guy shouldnt be a hacker who is just their to basically shoot long one timers which are easily stopped ….. i mean jared stoll every chance he gets , even describes himself as a hacker , he has no puck handling or set up skills ….. and im not saying never use stoll on the power play necesarily, i mean hey u can give him a shot at his normal forward postion if u want and let him try to use his one timing skills that way when he is alot closer to the net , but i just dont want him playing the point – the two most important positions on the power play ……. and the short handed opportunities given up with that forward at the point is another reason not to have him there

  7. oh and ive got another comment from murray that nobody picked up on regarding getting someone with skill in here after the ducks game ….. considering his statments made over on hammonds blog today, this would make two consecutive games in which he has made a statement which may lead someone to scratch their head and think hmmmmmmm….. anyways the statement was after the ducks game in response to a question about the brown goal assisted from frolov with the nice spin move …. the statement was something like “and then frolov just makes a world class play and spins and gets it to the front of the net for brownie again ….. youve got to have that, you cant just rely on pucks banking in off someones shin pad every night , youve got to have those kind of high skill plays “

  8. also love murray outing kopitar and basically letting everybody know he is not a superstar type player ….. i couldnt agree more …… hes a great two way center and thats it …. very valuable and essential , but not a superstar ……. maybe one day he can become a superstar, but u can tell by murrays tone that he doubts that will ever be the case ….. and i agree …. and like i said if we aquire someone and kopitars numbers go up its because of the superstar we aquired why his numbers would go up, not because all of a sudden he is a superstar ….. it would all be related to who he is playing with ……… and mark, i see perhaps your picking up on the penner idea i came up with (im responding to your response on hammonds blog ….. i dont respond there since hammond censors me, gann treats me more fairly so i post here …. oh i know everybody including gann thinks im stupid, but at least gann affords me my freedom of speech , so i like him for that) …… anyways mark … perhaps picking up on the penner idea ……….. u say what about just acquiring penner and forgetting about kovulchuk …. you are right, that is also an option … but its just i figure we need the skill desparately so go ahead and package him with brown for kovulchuk in a 3 team trade …… oh and we all know the oilers arent going to deal their best player penner …. but its fun to dream lol lol ……… oh and gann , no worries, i will never respond to anybody off of a hammond blog comment ever again ….. this was just a one time thing and thats a promise …….. it was just too funny that mark said basically the same thing i did and i couldnt resist ….. so its only a one time thing ……… okay im done …….. u must be at tip a king gann ….. again sorry to clog it up with my entries , ……… yes, its a fault of mine im trying to correct ………. without alot of success …. lol lol

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