Frozen Royalty Audio and NHL Video: Coyotes Bankrupt Kings, 6-3

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LOS ANGELES — One of the questions making its way through the Bob Miller Press Box at Staples Center on Saturday night was:

Which team is bankrupt and has no owner again?

Indeed, although the Phoenix Coyotes are owner-less and are in the midst of bankruptcy, it was the Los Angeles Kings who played like they were the bankrupt team in an embarrassing 6-3 opening night loss that was played before a sell-out crowd of 18,118 disappointed fans who booed the Kings off the ice at Staples Center.

The one positive was the Kings’ power play, which ended the game with three goals on four power play opportunities.

But that is where the positives ended, as the Kings were absolutely atrocious in five-on-five play and especially in their own zone, where they resembled the Keystone Kops more than a National Hockey League team.

On a separate note, there were some new faces in the press box on Saturday night, including Mark Medina, who writes for the Los Angeles Times. Virtually all of you read Rich Hammond’s work, now on and…but instead of his usual, informal but still appropriate-for-work attire, he looked rather snazzy as he followed the NHL dress code for team employees…he was wearing a suit. Of course, we had to poke some fun at him…also in the press box was Los Angeles media blogger extraordinaire, Kevin Roderick, publisher of You can read his thoughts about the game in his piece, Saturday Night At Staples Center.

Post-Game Audio Interviews

Anze Kopitar Rob Scuderi Terry Murray

Video highlights of the game from NHL Video on YouTube:

Keith Korneluk and Chris Kaliszewski of KingsCast, the official fan podcast of the Los Angeles Kings, also have their take on opening night in Overtime – Episode 20: Return To Staples Center, which you can watch right here.

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6 thoughts on “Frozen Royalty Audio and NHL Video: Coyotes Bankrupt Kings, 6-3

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  1. Marc Nathan’s post-game quotes:

    1. That was a horrifyingly bad intro, with the players looking as if they were leaving a medieval times sex club prior to skating onto the Staples Center ice. (the only thing worse today was Joel Rechlicz of the Islanders stumbling to the ice as his name was announced in their home opener. They didn’t have to come through a castle door, though.)

    2. All the Kings fans that feel this is a playoff team had best re-think things. Teams that get outscored 5-0 at even strength against a team that MOST seem to believe will be the bottom scrapers in the conference don’t inspire confidence.

    3. Why Ivanans?… Phoenix rolled four lines sans pugilist.

    4. Could you count on both hands (and feet) the number of times a Coyote player was behind both Kings defensemen? It seemed like it happened virtually every shift.

    5. Loktionov scores a hat trick and adds an assist in his first professional game with the Monarchs. Another couple of weeks like that and Teddy Purcell will have an opportunity to showcase his talents in the American League… for good.

  2. During the game, I kept on hearing Bob Miller’s voice in my head saying, “burn your tape of this one!!”

    Loktionov has a long way to go before he can play in the NHL…he oozes offensive skill, but the rest of his game needs quite a bit of work.

  3. LETS BURN DOWN THE STAPLES CENTER THE KINGS LOST THE FIRST GAME OF THE SEASON !!! Come on people it was one game quit being so negative. And Kings fans should be ashamed of booing their team after one crappy outing!!!

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