Helene Elliott Calls Out LA Kings Absentee Owner Philip Anschutz

In Thursday’s (April 9, 2009) issue of the Los Angeles Times, sports columnist and hockey writer extraordinaire Helene Elliott called out Los Angeles Kings’ reclusive owner Philip Anschutz in a big, big way.

In an open letter to Anschutz entitled, Owner Phil Anschutz Should Take Kings’ Fate Personally, Elliott notes the poor performance of the Kings under their current absentee owner and challenges him to finally make himself available for an interview to answer the questions that many who follow this franchise have about his intentions and plans for the Kings, both in the short term and over the long haul.

The open letter is easily one of the best stories written about the Los Angeles Kings this season and is one of the all-time best stories I’ve ever read about the Kings in the 36 years I’ve been following this team, extending way before I became a journalist covering the Kings and the National Hockey League.

This story is yet another example of why Elliott received the Elmer Ferguson Memorial Award “…In recognition of distinguished members of the newspaper profession whose words have brought honor to journalism and to hockey,” earning her induction into the hallowed halls of the Hockey Hall of Fame in 2005, the first woman to receive the award.

It’s time to tap our hockey sticks on the ice in recognition of such fine work. Way to go Helene!

5 thoughts on “Helene Elliott Calls Out LA Kings Absentee Owner Philip Anschutz

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  1. Katz, the owner of the Edmonton Oilers, heard radio guys calling for MacTavish to be fired. He sends a text message to the hosts giving his full support of MacT.

    There’s no doubt that ownership makes mistakes but I couldn’t pick Anschutz out of a crowd of billionaires. If you’re going to own a team, a little passion would be helpful. Great article by Helene!

  2. Well done, Lombardi needs to know there is a financial commitment from ownership. Its time the Kings get a gamebreaker.

  3. I’m sorry…but I disagree.

    All Anschutz needs to do is sign the checks and get out of the way. Some owners want to be involved, others don’t. It’s his money.

  4. I think it would be good for the fans to be able to see an owner cares. Anschutz got his desired footprint in downtown LA b/c of the Kings and it would be nice if he showed a commitment to them beyond just money. Part of the reason I look to the Wings as a model franchise is b/c Mike Illitch does more than just “sign the checks”. I agree you don’t want a Charles Wang type of owner but a little love goes a long way in marketing to fans.

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