Los Angeles Kings Recall Jonathan Bernier, Assign Teddy Purcell To Manchester

EL SEGUNDO, CA — On January 18, the Los Angeles Kings recalled goaltender Jonathan Bernier from the Manchester Monarchs of the American Hockey League, their primary minor league affiliate. To make room on the roster, the Kings assigned right wing Teddy Purcell to Manchester.

Bernier, 20, was recalled after goaltender Erik Ersberg suffered what is being called a “lower body injury” during the Kings game at Dallas on Saturday (a 3-2 shootout loss for the Kings).

Ersberg, who suffered a groin strain in December, is listed as day-to-day.

Bernier has spent the entire 2008-09 season to date with the Monarchs, earning a 10-12-3 record with a 2.79 goals-against average (GAA), a .897 save percentage and one shutout in twenty-five games.

The 6-0, 185-pound native of Laval, Quebec also played in four games with the Kings last season, earning a 1-3-0 record with a 4.03 GAA and a .864 save percentage while playing behind a very porous defense.

Bernier, who was selected by the Kings in the first round (11th overall) of the 2006 National Hockey League Entry Draft, won the gold medal with Team Canada at the 2008 IIHF World Junior Championships.

Purcell, 23, has played in seventeen games with the Kings this season, scoring a goal and adding six assists for seven points.

In twenty-three games with the Monarchs this season, the 6-3, 202-pound native of St. John&rsqo;s, Newfoundland has scored nine goals with ten assists for nineteen points.

Purcell was signed by the Kings as an unrestricted free agent on April 27, 2007.

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8 thoughts on “Los Angeles Kings Recall Jonathan Bernier, Assign Teddy Purcell To Manchester

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  1. Who really cares anymore? This season is over. Stupid, stupid move trading Labs for a 7th to Vancouver. Zatkoff injured and who’s left in Manchester but Taylor?

    Cammy, Conroy, Visnovsky, Blake, Demitra, Gleason, Corvo. All having pretty decent seasons. The only LA players Conroy isn’t outscoring right now are Kopi, Frolov, and Brown.

    Conroy = 1.05 million per season. Handzus = 4 million per season. Tyler Myers outplays Teubert in the WJC’s. Hickey looks so-so…

    I don’t think that even if there WERE buyers for Calder and Preissing that we could trade them because of the Salary Cap floor, unless some high-priced Vet wants to end his career in Los Angeles.

    No more offensive prospects to call up…

    That bright future looks awfully dim through this long, dark tunnel. Now is the winter of our discontent made glorious summer by this our duke of Lombardi…

  2. cristobal: Make up your mind already. You keep contradicting yourself over time about liking and hating what Lombardi is doing or has done.

    Implying that the Kings should’ve kept any of the players you’re talking about is…well, let’s just say I believe it is shortsighted. Your claim that the Kings should not have traded LaBarbera weakens your credibility greatly. The guy is worthless as an NHL goaltender.

  3. Gann,

    Can’t I just moan without getting jumped on? :)I don’t have any credibility anyway. I’m just a sports fan with a disease – for some reason, I love a loser. Kings, LA Rams, then the Minnesota Vikings when the Rams died.

    You also act like Lombardi can do no wrong. Where’s the objectivity? I said it when they traded Labs, you don’t just give away your pawns for nothing, and you don’t freely give them to a team in the same division. Labs COULD have been sent to Manchester and we could have avoided flying goalies all over the country – Zatkoff to manch. and back, Taylor moving, now Bernier. Zatkoff and Ersberg are now both injured. Ersberg wasn’t even fully recovered from a groin strain when Labs was dumped.

    And, even if Labs had been claimed, at least it forces Vancouver to use their claiming-spot and cycle it back to the Kings quicker. Now Columbus has claimed a goalie, too. The Kings may need to have a shot at picking someone up off the waiver wire again this year, no?

    Anyway, I’m trying to be supportive of Lombardi but I dislike 1/2 of what he’s done. Conroy is a perfect example – 1million dollar bridge player vs. 4 million dollar bridge player.

    Also, its another season of embarrassment and increasingly inept hockey. I’m still trying to be patient with Lombardi, but at this point I’m pretty negative on his 2nd coaching hire. I think Murray is in over his head. From the outside, he looks like an old dog, with an old system, and he seems to have little belief in his players.

    Anyway, I don’t care about my credibility. I would have preferred if the Kings had proven me completely wrong and had a 16th or higher placing in the end. I mean, did you hear that the Cardinals! are going to the Super Bowl? I think we could be in the playoffs with Dean’s current group and a better coach. The playoffs are a great LEARNING EXPERIENCE for young players.

    Also, I’m not contradicting myself. I said trading Labs for a 7th was a waste and that we’d be stronger if we were able to get him to Manch as a backup. Even Garon (who you have to admit is also just a backup at this point, and backups are NOT worthless) went for 2 players and a draft pick. Why should I care about a 7th round pick?

    Finally, the only thing shortsighted about the Cammy trade is how much of a REACH it is. Teubert HAD BETTER be good, because Cammy, barring injury, is a serious NHL scorer. Those don’t come along too often in that package. We still don’t know if O’Sullivan will reach the heights. Would you have traded O’Sullivan for Teubert?

  4. I hope Boyle and Purcell stay in Manchester until they learn that they have to step up their hunger and energy level here in LA. I seemed to notice this more in Purcell than Boyle. Teddy just didn’t seem to want to fight for the puck enough, but he is skilled and young. Boyle picked up the energy level and threw the body a bit more which was good to see. But I think that one more half-season in Manchester will do the trick for these guys. Make or break time for them… they were already beat out by Moller and Simmonds in training camp. Can’t complain about the effort they bring to the line up! I also think Quick deserves both starts before the break. He’s earned them with his play since the recall. The theme I see developing here in LA is work hard, hustle, and play like you want to be an NHL regular, and the team will make room (bye LaBarbara) to accomodate you. Sounds good to me. What’s the worst that can happen? Team building and an identity for this young group of professionals. I’d say the same applies to Richardson upon his recall, perhaps even more so. He needs to step it up bigtime to stick in the lineup. The rooks haven’t done it, so he better. I hope he does!

  5. cristobal: The objectivity you claim that I lack stems from your obvious wish for what Lombardi calls a “hybrid” rebuild, meaning that you want the team to do both at the same time…get younger and more talented, but keep all the vets and win at the same time. I think history has shown that the two are often mutually exclusive of each other, especiallly in the case of the Kings and even more with the salary cap in place.

    In short, you want it both ways. Sorry, that’s not going to happen. I’ve come to realize that. You haven’t. That’s also why you can’t seem to see that LaBarbera wasn’t even worth a seventh round pick. He will never be a solid NHL-caliber goalie. The only reason Vancouver made the deal is because they were desperate. As such, LaBarbera being “given away” was not a bad move at all. The Kings actually got SOMETHING for a player who isn’t even worth what they got for him. On top of that, dumping LaBarbera means more playing time for the younger goalies in the system and they actually have talent and potential, unlike LaBarbera, who is an AHL goalie at best.

    As for Cammalleri, he wasn’t going to sign with the Kings after his contract expired, so it was a good move to deal him. The evidence simply doesn’t support your constant moaning about the Kings being stupid to trade him.

  6. Gann,

    I don’t know why it seems like your tone with me is so defensive and agitated. I’m just trying to talk about the issues with the team. You completely miss my point about the Labs trade, and I don’t think you get what I’m pointing out in regards to “bridge” players.

    You’re a great writer, and you do a professional job with your blog and your reporting – better than many paid journalists.

    I apologize if you think I was nailing you to the wall, I’m just upset that the team is struggling and trying to talk about the issues, but maybe I’m coming across poorly in my writing. I am frustrated, so maybe I shouldn’t post my frustration.
    Apologies for being too cynical and I hope you don’t take my frustrations with the team as personally directed towards you.

    I’ll do my best not to get angry about the team and post it around.

    ps – no need to post this on the blog if you don’t want to as I just wanted to apologize for being irritating. You don’t deserve that.

    thanks and apologies.

  7. cristobal: You have nothing to apologize for. I appreciate your participation here, as I do everyone else’s. That’s what blogging is all about…to be interactive and to incite thought and discussion. Please don’t hesitate to post comments. They are always welcome here.

    I don’t mean to be defensive or agitated…and, as an aside, you haven’t seen me agitated! :-) I guess it’s just that you keep going back and forth between one extreme to the other and, in the end, you really are looking for that “hybrid” rebuild that simply doesn’t work, as I mentioned earlier. You should review your comments to see what I mean.

    I don’t blame anyone for being frustrated or angry with the Kings. After so many years of mediocrity, they deserve the fans anger. However, like I just wrote, you keep going back and forth…

    I appreciate your comments about my writing. Professionalism, credibility, integrity…those are ideals that I’ve always tried to hold myself to in my writing going back more than twenty years now and that’s quite different from a lot of bloggers (to be clear, I know quite a few who are pretty good as well). Of course, my blog is a very different kind of blog, one that is more journalistic than most.

    Keep right on posting…

  8. Cheers, Gann. Thanks for being understanding and taking the time to explain. It’s clear that you’re from the UCLA side of town. :-) UCLA Football – another one of my “teams that are tough to love sometimes.”


    I think the worst part is the expectation that you’ll feel pride in supporting them even if they lose – the teams that break your heart – only to feel let down, cheated, and swindled when they’re shutout and embarrassed by the arrogant and prideful. Heck, maybe it helps keep one balanced.

    I hope, above all else, that Lombardi makes this team a Cup winner and that Bob Miller gets his chance to see it and announce it. Did you catch that part during last night’s game when he was talking about the guy pestering the Kings in the Penalty Box? It’s rare to hear him get too opinionated, but that was a great one. Even my girlfriend noticed that he doesn’t usually say something like that. Truly a great moment of the season.

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