Holiday Wishes For The Los Angeles Kings?

On Tuesday night, the Los Angeles Kings had one of their wishes come true…on the strength of first period goals by Raitis Ivanans and Patrick O’Sullivan, a third-period marker by Peter Harrold and 24 saves by rookie goaltender Jonathan Quick, they broke their four-game winless streak (0-2-2) with a 3-0 shutout win over the Columbus Blue Jackets at Nationwide Arena in Columbus.

The Kings are now home for the holidays, enjoying their time off with family and friends, just like the rest of us. In the spirit of the holidays, Frozen Royalty wants to know…

If you could have three Kings-related wishes, what would you wish for?

Please let us know by posting them as a comment below (click on the Comments link at the bottom of this post). Your wishes will be listed below once your comment is approved.

No matter what holiday you observe, happy holidays to all and stay safe out there!

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15 Responses to Holiday Wishes For The Los Angeles Kings?

  1. Brett says:

    1. Stay the course.
    2. Stay the course.
    3. Osama Bin Laden visiting the Ducks.

  2. Bob Bobson says:

    You said “wishes” right ? Well these can certainly be categorized as “wishful” thinking:

    Dean Lombardi trades Tom Preissing and Kyle Calder for a lottery pick.

    Drew Doughty wins the Calder trophy.

    A Stanley Cup this year on the goalie tandem of Jonathan Quick/Jonathan Bernier.

  3. FroFan says:

    1. No more LaBarbara. Nice guy, bad goalie.
    2. A healthy Jack Johnson (and therefore, no more Preissing/Harrold)
    3. Kings hockey in May. A guy can dream, right?

  4. "Krash" Kobel says:

    Three wishes for the Kings:
    1.) Erik Ersberg to get healthy and playing!
    2.) jack Johnson to get healthy and playing!!
    3.) A playoff spot!!!

    Merry Christmas to all!

  5. accustat says:

    Ryan Miller in net for remainder of this year and all of next, with Bernier riding shotgun next year. That is all.

  6. YANKEEKING says:


  7. cristobal says:

    Happy Holidays, Gann.

    3 Wishes?

    1) 4 balanced lines from the current pool of players and Boyle a big part of that lineup – that or Rick Nash.
    2) One of these goaltenders grabs the No. 1 position and never looks back.
    3) A playoff position in early March and a cheap Zubov for the run to the Western Conference Finals and possibly beyond.

    Oh, and we hand Detroit their teeth the rest of the season’s head to heads.

    Cheers to all and Safe Holidays.

  8. cristobal says:

    I’ve thought about this a bit and after further review – I’d like Heidi Androl in nothing but a red bow and fishnet stockings keeping me warm for the remainder of ’08. MMMMmmmmm. Then, I guess, I’d still have two wishes and the ice girls to think about.

  9. Gann Matsuda says:

    Cristobal: this was about wishes, not pipe dreams. :-)

  10. ranchersd says:

    1. I wish we did not trade Cammalleri (Anyone know why he was traded?).
    2. I wish Jason were better on shoot-outs, penalty shots.
    3. I wish I found this web site a long time ago. Cheers all!

  11. Matt says:

    Great idea! Here’s what I have:

    1) A nice winning streak that puts L.A. in the thick of the playoffs.

    2) Jack Johnson come back and play to the level of hype he entered the team at. I’m talking Doughty-level of performance here.

    3) More locally-driven hockey coverage in our local newspapers.

    Happy holidays everyone, and let’s hope L.A. can build off their last win.

  12. cristobal says:

    Yeah, you’ll never find Heidi in fishnets. LOL.

    Gann, Happy Holidays, great job you’re doing. Truly professional and top notch. Cheers to the new year and a Kings team that is just unbelievable. Tell the players and everyone with the Kings their fans are really proud of the way they’ve performed.

  13. Gann Matsuda says:

    ranchersd: Cammalleri was traded primarily because he had demanded $6 million/year during the previous off-season and was very unhappy that the Kings did not go along with his wishes. He was even more unhappy that he had to go through salary arbitration and the arbitrator ruled in favor of the Kings. His contract expires at the end of this season and with his exorbitant salary demands (sorry, he was not worth $6 million/year after one solid NHL season and as of this writing, isn’t worth $6 million/year now), he was going to bolt with the Kings getting nothing for him. Also, I think he pretty much tanked much of last season, his injury notwithstanding, because of his anger with the team. I have no solid evidence of that…just my observations of his behavior in the dressing room after games along with what he said after games, not to mention what he didn’t say or avoided talking about.

  14. Bob Bobson says:

    For me, the most important point about trading Cammalleri is that we got to move higher in the 08 draft and get Colton Teubert who is supposed to be a lesser version of Luke Schenn.

    Good on Matt for wishing for more local hockey coverage. But in a bad economy and in a town with the Lakers, that will probably remain just a wish for a while.

  15. Joe says:

    1. Stay with the kids – no more old “character” guys.

    2. No injuries!

    3. Finish @ .500, with plenty of “MO” for next season.

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