Mathieu Schneider: A Step Closer to Joining the Los Angeles Kings?

Could Anaheim Ducks defenseman Mathieu Schneider wind up wearing a Los Angeles Kings jersey soon?

It is now more of a possibility than ever as the Ducks placed Schneider on waivers today.

Anaheim has not been able to find a willing trade partner for the 39-year-old veteran who will earn $5.75 million in 2008-09, the final year of his contract.

The Ducks need to clear salary cap space so that they can sign unrestricted free agent winger Teemu Selanne. The Kings not only need another veteran presence on their blue line with a left shot who could be a solid partner for defenseman prospect Drew Doughty, should he make the Kings roster, but they also need to take on salary to get to the salary cap floor.

The Tampa Bay Lightning, who finished last in the league in the 2007-08 season, get the first shot at claiming Schneider off the waiver wire, but they are reportedly out of cap space.

After Tampa Bay…it’s the Kings’ turn.

Stay tuned…

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3 thoughts on “Mathieu Schneider: A Step Closer to Joining the Los Angeles Kings?

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  1. Well, it’s now 4:53 PM and it appears no one tried to sign Mathieu Schneider. Frankly, I don’t think it’s a slight to this player who has proven himself over the years, but rather, a real hint as to how seriously most teams are taking the CAP situation. I could think of a couple of teams that might have afforded him, but he really didn’t fit into their current needs.

    In fact, the Kings might be his best fit-everything else aside-should they still be able to work within the [apparent] limits afforded them by AEG…as they are only barely gonna make the actual minimum CAP limits as things currently stand.

    In any case, best wishes to Mathieu, whatever happens. He will be remembered for his hard play and his productivity. RL

  2. I think this is just the beginning of a chess match between the Kings and the Ducks. Why should the Kings take on the complete salary? If they negotiate with the Ducks to get Schneider for a lower salary , then they can still get another vet to help this team… OR the Kings could take on the whole salary IF they get a draft pick along with Schneider. That helps the Ducks and more importantly helps the Kings.

  3. Hi Sharky57,
    You may be right…according to the Ducks site, it’s as if Burke was answering us in his swollen/dogface tones. I must admit, he’s not much different than DL was regarding anyone trying to touch Anze, but then, Anze is a team leader and our future and Mathieu is on his way out. I guess what they say about Burke’s ego will match the hit he will deservedly take when no one bails him out in the coming week! I can still think of two teams that could want to make a deal, but I suspect that the “chess match” is nothing more than Burke blowing hot air to try and pump up what’s quickly becoming a dead issue…as in paying over $5 million dollars for a one year contract-on the CAP- for a player who’s numbers are now dropping on a yearly basis…In fact, the way he talked of the situation really made me wanna throw up. If I were Mathieu, I’d hit ‘im in the wallet as hard as I could for his arrogant references. Or maybe I’m wrong and players-now more than ever-are considered, albeit as a piece of gourmet meat? RL

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