Los Angeles Kings, Jarret Stoll Agree To Terms

Frozen Royalty has confirmed that the Los Angeles Kings have agreed to terms with forward Jarret Stoll on a four-year contract rumored to be worth $14.4 million, an average of $3.6 million per season

Last season, Stoll earned $2.2 million with the Edmonton Oilers.

The Kings are apparently still hammering out the finer details of the deal and have not yet made a formal announcement.

More later as details become available.

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8 Responses to Los Angeles Kings, Jarret Stoll Agree To Terms

  1. shooten says:

    This is good news. Hopefully, Patrick O will be signed soon. Any word?

  2. triplcrown says:

    Stoll will be offered top-6 icetime if Purcell isn’t quite ready,
    I’ll bet.

    In that case, look for 50+ pts & around 20 Gs for Stoll.

    If Purcell (or, a longer-shot, Richards) makes the 2nd line this season, then Stoll will dominate even more as our 3rd-line Center, but get less PP time & fewer pts, probably around

    Either way, Stoll will likely have a good season for us.

  3. Gann Matsuda says:

    UPDATE: According to the Kings, Stoll is not SIGNED yet. They have agreed in principle on length of term and total value of the contract. They still have to hammer out the finer details, most notably, how much is going to be paid in each year of the contract. The Kings would like to front-load the deal to give themselves more flexibility under the cap in future years. Stoll and his agent do not appear to have a problem with that. One other thing they’re waiting on is that Stoll’s agent is on a pre-scheduled European vacation at this time.

    Sounds to me like they’ll have no problem finalizing the deal when the guy returns from his vacation.

  4. cristobal says:

    Hmm, on vacation when his guy is an RFA. Agents!

  5. Gann Matsuda says:

    Hey…even they are entitled. From the sound of it, it was scheduled and paid for long ago…can’t fault someone for that.

  6. cristobal says:

    Where are you gann? things are blowing up on that other blog! I can’t wait to read your report of “operation: hypnotize.”

    From what I’ve heard so far, Lalas, uhh, um, Mr. Bungle, oh no, Dean Lombardi is really selling the bs like he believes it. I wonder if robt. e lee went?

  7. Gann Matsuda says:

    Hey…it’s Saturday. Like Stoll’s agent, I too am entitled. :-)

  8. cristobal says:

    cheers, gann. Have a great weekend!

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