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Open Letter To The Hockey Hall of Fame: Address The Injustice and Induct Rogie Vachon

Rogie Vachon
Photo courtesy: Los Angeles Kings

LOS ANGELES — Over the last handful of years, I have written a few times about former Los Angeles Kings goaltender Rogie Vachon, who became the team’s first superstar after coming to the Kings from the storied Montreal Canadiens, where he won three Stanley Cup Championships.

In a word, Vachon was brilliant. Based on his record alone, he should have been a shoo-in to be inducted into the hallowed halls of the Hockey Hall of Fame (HHOF).

Despite that, Vachon remains on the outside looking in, primarily because those outside of the Los Angeles area rarely got to see him play—he never got the exposure in Canada or in Eastern Time Zone cities that he needed.

For those of you who may be unfamiliar with Vachon, or would like to know more, the following stories detail his accomplishments, and include comments from the man himself, based on exclusive interviews.

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Poetry Reading About Former LA Kings Goalie Terry Sawchuk Scheduled For March 17

The following is a press release about an upcoming event.

PASADENA, CA — Terry Sawchuk, one of the National Hockey League’s greatest goaltenders who was one of the original Los Angeles Kings, is the subject of a public reading by Randall Maggs, author of Night Work: The Sawchuk Poems, on March 17, 2009, starting at 7:00 PM PDT at Pasadena City College, in Pasadena, California.

The reading is free and open to the public.

Night Work is a hockey saga, wrapping the game’s story in the intense, moody, and contradictory person of Terry Sawchuk,” said Dr. Brian Kennedy, Associate Professor of English, who also covers the Kings and Anaheim Ducks for Inside Hockey. “One of the game’s greatest goalies and most enigmatic figures, Sawchuk remains a fascinating figure for fans who are familiar with his career and his mysterious death at 41.” Read more of this post


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