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LA Kings Defenseman Robyn Regher Is Close To Returning, But…

LA Kings defenseman Robyn Regehr
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Photo: Gann Matsuda/FrozenRoyalty.net

LOS ANGELES — Even if he does not return to action in tonight’s Game 1 of the 2014 Stanley Cup Final against the New York Rangers at Staples Center in Los Angeles, Los Angeles Kings defenseman Robyn Regher is getting closer and closer to returning.

“That’ll be a coaches’ decision,” he said. “I feel like I’ve been working hard at getting back to feeling like I can be ready to roll. At this point, it’s whatever [head coach] Darryl [Sutter] would like me to be. If he feels like he’d like me in the lineup, I feel like I’m ready to go, and if he wants to stay with the same lineup that was successful in Game 7 against Chicago, I totally understand that, too.”

“As a player, coming off a fairly substantial injury and missing a significant amount of time, you work as hard as possible, both on and off the ice, to be as [well-prepared] as you can [be],” he added. “That’s what I’m thinking about right now.”

But after stating that he feels that he’s ready to go, Regehr backed off that statement.

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Contrary To Popular Belief, LA Kings’ Jake Muzzin Is Becoming A Solid NHL Defenseman

COMMENTARY/ANALYSIS: Los Angeles Kings defenseman Jake Muzzin has been under the microscope this season, so much so that he has become the favorite target of many fans who are highly critical of him and his play. But his play during the 2014 Stanley Cup Playoffs, and the increased responsibilities placed on his shoulders, are strong evidence that much of that criticism is unwarranted.

LA Kings defenseman Jake Muzzin, shown here checking
Chicago Blackhawks superstar center Jonathan Toews.

EL SEGUNDO, CA — If there is anything you can bank on when the Los Angeles Kings are in action, at least this season, it has been that social media will be abuzz with criticism of defenseman Jake Muzzin, who has been the frequent, almost constant target of the wrath of Kings faithful when things are not going well for the team.

Some limit their complaints to individual plays, when an obvious mistake was made, while others seem to believe that he is a catastrophe on skates, the worst defensemen to have ever picked up a hockey stick.

In fact, the criticism has been so intense that a Twitter hash tag was created for whenever Muzzin does something perceived to be negative: #MuzzKill.

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Sprint To The Finish Gives LA Kings Almost No Time To Fix What’s Broken

Los Angeles Kings defenseman Robyn Regehr, shown here during a recent practice at the Toyota Sports Center in El Segundo, California.
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Photo: David Sheehan/FrozenRoyalty.net

EL SEGUNDO, CA — When we last left the Los Angeles Kings, they had just defeated the Columbus Blue Jackets, 2-1 in overtime, on February 6, at Staples Center.

The win ended a four-game losing streak. But looking at the bigger picture, there were still a lot of things in their game that were broken, as their 6-13-2 record over their last 21 games indicates.

Center Mike Richards hopes that the Olympic break gave the Kings enough of a respite that they will be able to break loose offensively when they return to the ice at Colorado on February 26.

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2014 Stadium Series Los Angeles: LA Kings, Anaheim Ducks Test Ice During Practice While Teemu Selanne Takes Time To Enjoy It All

Anaheim Ducks superstar winger Teemu Selanne, shown here during his team’s practice session at Dodger Stadium on January 24, 2014.
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Photo: David Sheehan/FrozenRoyalty.net

LOS ANGELES — On January 24, the eve of the 2014 Stadium Series: Los Angeles, both the Los Angeles Kings and the Anaheim Ducks skated on Dodger Stadium ice for the first time, with the home team getting the first practice time at 4:00 PM.

It was a typical practice for the Kings, in terms of them doing line rushes, and a few drills. But that is where the similarities with any part of their normal routine ended, as they were obviously skating under a darkening sky, with the San Gabriel Mountains off in the distance, and Palm trees close by.

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