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LA Kings Defenseman Alec Martinez Is Not Concerned About Shaky Status

TRAINING CAMP COVERAGE: Story includes audio and video interviews from Day 2 of the Los Angeles Kings 2013 Training Camp.

Los Angeles Kings defenseman Alec Martinez
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Photo: David Sheehan/FrozenRoyalty.net

EL SEGUNDO, CA — Going into their 2013-14 training camp, it is no secret that the Los Angeles Kings are currently over the National Hockey League salary cap, and they have also exceeded the league-wide roster limit, primarily due to the fact that they have nine defensemen on their active roster.

Simple math should tell you that something’s got to give. But NHL teams have until the start of the regular season to get under the salary cap and down to the roster limit, and for the time being, Kings President/General Manager Dean Lombardi is quite calm, despite the predicament.

“[We will] let it play out,” said Lombardi. “We’ll see. We’ll take too many. I’d rather be in this situation.”

“To me, defensemen are like good pitchers,” Lombardi added. “You can’t have enough of’em, so I’d rather deal with this problem than the other one, so we’ll see how it plays out, and part of that is Willie [Mitchell]’s health (he passed his physical examination, and has been cleared to play, but will likely have to play some catch up in terms of his physical conditioning].”

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