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New On KingsCast: Episode 12: Post-Season Blues

Normally, when I recommend that you all listen to the latest version of KingsCast, the official fan podcast of the Los Angeles Kings, I will say something humorous about Keith Korneluk and Chris Kaliszewski (I have spared new co-host Connie Kim so far).

But this time, with the release of Episode 12: Post-Season Blues, I can only say that I would not be at all surprised if they lose listeners in droves since they were out of their minds and brought me in as a special guest to talk about the Kings, evaluate their performance in the 2008-09 season, what they might do in the off-season and more. Read more of this post

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New On KingsCast: Overtime – Episode 4: Behind The Scenes

kingscastIf you want to get into the deep, dark, damp (and probably moldy) depths of everything KingsCast, watch this behind-the-scenes episode of Overtime. You’ll get a good laugh out of hearing Keith Korneluk criticize Chris Kaliszewski’s grammar…as if the loser was qualified to criticize anyone or anything… Read more of this post

New On KingsCast: Season Finale and Overtime – Episode 3

Things have changed over at KingsCast, the official fan podcast of the Los Angeles Kings. Not only have they launched a new web site, but Keith Korneluk has returned to the podcast after the lazy bastard blew off the last couple of episodes.

But now Korneluk has returned, making it difficult to listen to the podcast once again without suffering ear damage.

Seriously, Korneluk returns to a less scripted version of KingsCast and there is a new twist…Connie Kim, publisher of the A Queen Among Kings blog, has been added to the cast. Read more of this post


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