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20 Years Since Wayne Gretzky Was Traded to Los Angeles, There Is One Little, Nagging Thing

COMMENTARY: The 20th anniversary of the trade that brought The Great One, Wayne Gretzky, to Los Angeles is being commemorated by the National Hockey League and Gretzky is being universally praised, and deservedly so. But there is one thing…

LOS ANGELES — For the last few weeks, the National Hockey League has gone on a serious media blitz.

To be sure, the league shifted their public relations staff and writers for their official web site into overdrive in pumping out daily e-mails to members of the media as well as feature stories for their web site, all to cover what might be the most significant event in NHL history over the last twenty years…

…August 9, 1988, the date of biggest trade in sports history, when the Edmonton Oilers traded The Great One, Wayne Gretzky, to the Los Angeles Kings Read more of this post

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