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2012 Stanley Cup Poetry: The Local Hockey Team Made Good

The Los Angeles Kings winning the 2012 Stanley Cup, the first championship in the 45-year history of the franchise, still has fans celebrating more than two weeks later. One fan, young Kai Jacinto, of Culver City, California, was so inspired, he wrote the following poem…

by Kai Jacinto

The Kings were the unlikely winners of the 2012 Stanley Cup
Seeded eighth going into the playoffs and kept moving on up.

They were underdogs in the first round against Vancouver
But they shut them down in five games with amazing maneuvers.

Sweeping the Blues brought the Kings much attention
Never in 45 years have they had so much possible championship mentions.

Then came the Coyotes, checking hard and howling at every face-off
But the silver and black skated with no fear and never backed off. Read more of this post

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2011-12 Los Angeles Kings Year-In-Review: Front Office Turnaround Set Stanley Cup Run In Motion

2011-12 YEAR-IN-REVIEW: The Los Angeles Kings won the 2012 Stanley Cup. What is there to review or evaluate? Plenty. To start things off, here’s a look at how a “front office turnaround” set their run to the Stanley Cup in motion.

LOS ANGELES — The Los Angeles Kings blew right through the Vancouver Canucks, the St. Louis Blues, and the Phoenix Coyotes, before the New Jersey Devils gave them a bit more to handle in the 2012 Stanley Cup Final. Nevertheless, the Kings won the 2012 Stanley Cup, the first Stanley Cup Championship in the 45-year history of the franchise.

Given that they reached the pinnacle of achievement this season, what is there to review or evaluate?

Although some might think that is a waste of time, no Stanley Cup Championship team can rest on its laurels during the off-season and expect the same level of success. As players, coaches and Read more of this post

2012 Stanley Cup Final: It’s Fun And Games, In A Sense, For Los Angeles Kings’ Drew Doughty

EL SEGUNDO, CA — Back in 2009-10, Los Angeles Kings defenseman Drew Doughty was in his sophomore season in the National Hockey League, and was on top of the world, playing his way to becoming a finalist for the James Norris Memorial Trophy, awarded annually to the best defenseman in the NHL.

That season, Doughty, then just twenty years old, set the league on fire, scoring 16 goals and adding 43 assists for 59 points, with a +20 plus/minus rating and 54 penalty minutes in 82 regular season games.

Doughty’s play raised eyebrows at Hockey Canada Read more of this post

2012 Stanley Cup Final: Eastern Media’s Ignorance Of All Things LA Kings, Shines Through

COMMENTARY: With the Los Angeles Kings playing in the 2012 Stanley Cup Final, something Kings fans have only seen their team do once before in the franchise’s nearly 45-year history, it is astonishing to see media based in the Eastern Time Zone only now taking notice of the Kings, most notably, the exceptional talent of center Anze Kopitar. Why only now? Will the Kings ever get themselves out from that dark shadow known as obscurity?

LOS ANGELES — If it was not already crystal-clear well before the 2012 Stanley Cup Playoffs began, the Los Angeles Kings advancing to the Stanley Cup Final this season has vividly demonstrated how much the media in the East, and much of Canada, ignores teams in the West and Southwest, especially the Kings.

To be sure, many of the same reasons that the Kings were ignored for so many years after they entered the National Hockey League in 1967, the league’s first expansion from its Original Six teams, still exist today, most notably, that by the time the Kings hit the ice to start a home game at Staples Center, most of those who might watch in the Eastern Time Zone are either asleep, or about to go to bed. Read more of this post


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