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2008 NHL Draft: Lombardi’s Plan Comes Together

LOS ANGELES — The 2008 National Hockey League Entry Draft has now come and gone, and unlike last year, Los Angeles Kings President/General Manager Dean Lombardi has few detractors in terms of the moves he made on draft weekend.

To be sure, last year at this time, Lombardi was almost universally blasted for his selection of defenseman Thomas Hickey with the fourth overall selection and for many, the anger about that move has not dissipated all that much. Read more of this post

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2008 NHL Draft: Live From The Los Angeles Kings’ Draft Party – UPDATED

Greetings from the Nokia Theatre where the Los Angeles Kings are hosting a party for their season ticket holders…all anxiously awaiting what they will do in the 2008 National Hockey League Entry Draft, which begins at 4:00 PM PDT in Ottawa.

Frozen Royalty will have several live updates as the afternoon/evening wears on, so be sure to check in frequently. Read more of this post

Los Angeles Kings And The 2008 NHL Draft: Defining Moments

LOS ANGELES — No matter what Dean Lombardi does over the next couple of days in terms of draft selections and trades, those actions—or inactions—will be the defining moments of his tenure to date as the President/General Manager of the Los Angeles Kings. Read more of this post

A Lot Of Nerve-Redux

Two seasons ago, when the Los Angeles Kings raised ticket prices by an average of 7.5 percent, even though they had given loyal fans nothing in terms of success on the ice, I wrote in an op-ed piece:

“The Los Angeles Kings and the Anschutz Entertainment Group (AEG), headed by Philip Anschutz and Tim Leiweke, the entertainment and real estate conglomerate that owns the Kings, sure have a lot of nerve.”

Well, AEG and the Kings apparently have more nerve than I thought.

Rich Hammond reported on May 1 that the Kings will once again raise ticket prices, claiming poverty. You can read about it here:

Kings Announce Ticket Price Hikes, Say They’re Not Just Losing On The Ice
More On Season-Ticket Holders

Read more of this post


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