Los Angeles Kings’ Anze Kopitar: Just Another Streak, Or…?

5 Responses to Los Angeles Kings’ Anze Kopitar: Just Another Streak, Or…?

  1. Michael Reynolds says:

    I have a feeling he COULD tuck back into the situation where he cools off, and then picks back up when its needed. But at the same time I feel like he’s okay with going in those prime scoring zones and throwing them at the net. He has the speed/body/shot for it, let em rip Kopi!

    • Gann Matsuda says:

      Kopitar’s previous history suggests that this is just another streak. However, as I pointed out in the story, the fact that he’s doing this now, late in the season, when everything is on the line, not early in the season when things are easier, is significant. Perhaps it’s a sign of things to come for him. Then again…

  2. I like how Sutter has publicly challenged Kopitar to become more than just a very good two-way player. He’s clearly put pressure on Kopitar to lead the way offensively, as opposed to taking what the opposition gives him. I also hope that Carter’s shoot-first attitude is rubbing off—Kopitar’s wrister is one of the best in the league as he’s reminded us the last few games.

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